Maxima PZR3208 Konica 512/14PL Printer

Highlight Features

  1. The PZ Series grand format line is ideal for high-volume production printing in excellent quality with innovative Konica Minolta KM512/14pl print-heads,Max. Resolution up to 1440dpi, 2mm letter is easy and clear to see, very high competitive.
  2. Designed  for high-volume printing and rush jobs, the PZR with 8 heads of dual CMYK produces billboards, banners, backlit, fleet and vehicle graphics, and point of purchase displays at a maximum print speed of up to 120㎡/hr at 1pass ——Perfect combination of speed and resolution.
  3. Famous imported high-precision and low-noise linear guider, Panasonic servo motor enables higher carriage speed and lower noise.
  4. Flash-lamp has been adopted in the station side to facilitated head cleaning. LED-lamp has been equipped under the cover to facilite checking print quality.
  5. Adopted wider noise reduction synchronous belt which enables carriage movement more silent and stable, withstand more heavier carriage load.
  6. Enhanced vacuum fans, force adjustable, three-sections vacuum control individually by 1.8m/2.5m/3.2m.
  7. Broadbanding printing and heating platform, plus the powerful infrared heating system amazingly fast drying ink and medias (especially the vehicle sticker) for high-speed application.
  8. Independent research and developed LIYU New Vision of three-optical-fiber high speed data transmission system, guarantied machine quality, after-sales Worry-free.
  9. Optional functions: Automatic Media-check system, Automatic Printhead Capping & Cleaning system, Carriage Cooling System, Printhead Plate heating system.


Data Specifications
                    Model PZR3204/PZ3206-KM PZR3208-KM
Print Tech. Piezo continuous drop-on demand(DOD)
Printhead 4/6*KM512MN 8*KM 512MN
Print Resolution Max. 720*1440dpi
Image Size 3.20m / 126in.
Media Size 3.29m / 130in.
Media Type Banner, Vinyl Sticker, One-way Vision, Coating Film, Mesh, etc…
Media Transmission Roll to Roll
Print Speed Draft Mode: 60m2/h
Production Mode: 30m2/h
High Quality Mode: 11m2/h
Draft Mode: 120m2/h
Production Mode: 60m2/h
High Quality Mode: 22m2/h
Colors C\M\Y\K or C\M\Y\K\Lc\Lm
Interface USB2.0
Auto. Take-up & Feeding system Equipped
Heating System Three Sections of Pre-heat, heat and post-heat system
Ventilation System Optional
Packing Size 4.76m*1.00m*1.64m
Gross Weight 650Kg
Power Requirment 110V / 220±10%, >10A, 50 / 60Hz
Environment Temperature:20℃~30℃, Humidity:40%~70%RH
Outdoors Durability 2 years
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice, all rights reserved.


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